Oh-So-Scrumptious Nasi Goreng, Presented by Riso Fritto

“Instaworthy!” once Riso Fritto said about our works for their space. Yes, we made it!

Riso Fritto is a brand new eatery authored by a triad, Henderson, Daniel and Kevin. Henderson, the one who rules the kitchen, was graduated as a chef back in United States. Last year, he glided back to Jakarta for his heart towards Indonesia which later became the first issue behind the inception of Riso Fritto, a Nasi Goreng hideout in the heart of West Jakarta.

“What’s so special about Fried Rice?” the skeptics are questioning in harmony. Well, a meal without rice isn’t really a meal for an Indonesian, right? And talking about nutrition, we all need carbohydrate. Has been equipped in cooking for years, Henderson is now mastering the most scrumptious Nasi Goreng in the city, exceptionally the oh-so-delish Carbonarice®, signature dish of Riso Fritto.

As it’s portraying rice, clean and neat are the keywords for this eatery. Therefore it is mostly colored by white and plays geometric shape.  Wood and plants complete the modern interior style. For us, Riso Fritto is special and unique, and we believe that someday Henderson’s passion in cooking will bring Riso Fritto somewhere.

Witness how they unfolded their journey today, taste the one and only Carbonarice®, and photograph yourself with your loved ones in the most instagramable spot of Riso Fritto.

It’s rice to meet you!


Riso Fritto

Instagram: @risofritto

Frying at PHX Grogol.

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