Case Study: How to Cast a Spell and Voila the Bedroom You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Bedroom. Once you read this single word, what’s the first thing that’s popping inside your head? Sleeping, wondering, day dreaming? Those three things may be what some people like the most, and the others may just prefer to take a rest as it is their favorite sanctuary. Nope, do not mention studying all night for tomorrow exam, don’t.

Each one of us has a story to tell, either about life or just ourselves. Sometimes we just don’t know how to make people listen or have no platform to do so. But aren’t those kind of stories limited just for your loved ones? Not everyone will understand, even if they had already tried to hear us out. Why don’t you pour those tales throughout your bedroom?


As you read the title, this is not that boring case study from the other world named college or office, but this may be what you’ve been asking for your whole life. We want our bedroom to be the best space that ever existed in this universe. We want our kind of bedroom, the one that our souls long to every time we have to go through the stressful night traffic. The question is: How?

Well, scroll down to see the best answers that our designer can present to you.

First, write down how big your bedroom is and the budget that you want to spend, because your idealism has to match those issues. If you have endless cash in your bank account, you may prefer to contact us, an interior design consultancy, but if you don’t, it’s not much a problem to do it by yourself.


Where to splurge and to save? Spend most of your shekels in comfort, go buy the best pillow and bed. At the end of the day, sleeping is the main thing, where you fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose. You don’t want an unnecessary backache for you to seize the day.

Meanwhile for decorations, you can do both save and splurge. Don’t buy the one that’s only eye-pleasing, but something that depictures yourself, your passion and dreams. Either you are a writer, a singer, a designer, or an office-worker, name it. Place an A to Z about you to remind yourself that dreams may be just a step away from where you stand. For wardrobe, table, couch, just buy something that suits the room well, don’t spend a fortune for those stuffs.


If it turns out that you will do it your own, start small. Note that “one step at a time” is the one thing that you should do. Simply pinterest the idea, buy one furniture and decoration at a time. No need to rush, you still catch some shuteye every night in the same room anyway.

Have a good sleep, wanderer!

(All Pictures Courtesy Pinterest)

© Copyright IOOR Studio 2017

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