Ardent Archipelago: A Bitter Excitement While Waiting For Boarding Time

Who doesn’t fall head over heels for Indonesian coffee? Name it, magic brownish beans from Aceh Gayo, Flores Bajawa, Toraja Sapan. Well, isn’t it our forte to birth an exceptional coffee? Which is not only recognized by the next-door countries, but the whole world?
Understanding the very high airport mobility, and the morning flights that cause people to land their baggage, or just themselves two hours early before the boarding time, Ardent answers the needs by opening Ardent Archipelago – Coffee & Eatery. They are in a full force to fulfill your coffeegasm anytime.
A sip of coffee from Ardent is out of ordinary, as they’ve been in this bean-roasting business for years. And staying in the comfort zone isn’t their passion, so that they invented an uber refreshing decaf called Nitro Coffee. It’s an excitement in every gulp, as if you’re having a soft drink, when it’s just a very pleasant ice long black.
The interior design is another story to tell, and will be one of the reason why you visit this coffee space while waiting for your flight number to be called. Inspired by the coffee itself, brownish and natural, wood is the main thing we bring into play. Meanwhile the floor treatment in Ardent is unlikely to be found in any other place, it’s their brand identity which altered from the brand element.
Now, as you embark to the other side of this universe through Terminal 3 Ultimate Soekarno Hatta, you can enjoy a bitter surprise in a cup of caffeine from Ardent. Pack up your things and safe flight everyone!
© Copyright IOOR Studio 2017

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