Interpret Your Identity into Interior Design

Have you ever spotted something that is out of order? Something like seeing a red stripes turtleneck shirt tops purple polka dot culottes. It’s a little exaggerating, isn’t it? How about painting your face a heavy party make up to attend a birthday party of your friend’s toddler? Uh huh, it is called a mismatch.

When it comes to the interior design of a commercial space, the concept has to be based upon the brand image. It is like an offbeat music if an oriental decoration is hanged on an Indonesian restaurant’s wall. We, IOOR Studio, see that clearly as a problem, a puzzle to be solved.


A fine kismet on our side, our very own Creative Director, Nydia Orlatta, is now taking her master degree, learning about brand image. It’s not a wishful thinking for us to help you interpret your brand identity into an exceptional interior design.

First thing first

Logo, yes these very four alphabets are the representatives of your identity. You need one before starting the next complicated steps. You do your hair and brush your cheeks depends on the outfit you wear, don’t you? Logo will help you to prescribe the atmosphere, shapes of the furniture, and color scheme of your space.


Next complicated steps

You’ve already got the color pallete from the logo, now you gotta learn about psychological color. It sounds cliché, but it’s a real thing. Black does really mean mysterious, navy is more like elegant, and green speaks about natural ambience. Once the color scheme is ordained, you can choose what kind of material that is able to bring the best out of the colors.

Last sure thing

You might need to splurge in this last step, hire the best interior design consultant that understands how to translate your brand image into the whole interior design concept, so that your space doesn’t end up as a mismatch. As for IOOR Studio, it’s a sure thing that we’re not only able to do it, but are also passionate in this field.

We had done our part as the supporting role to tell you how, now it’s you, the leading role, to act out loud the dialogue of your brand journey. Let the world grasp the story of every color, shape and material that telltales your brand identity. A misfit is the worst thing that can ever happen to a commercial space.

Cafe La Pasion
Riso Fritto

© Copyright IOOR Studio 2017


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