Tips and Tricks for Interior Design Freshmen

In every beginning, comes along a racing heart. Getting into your chosen major is not an exception. It’s the day one of everything that shapes your future career. A little flashback to that very day, these are our thoughts…

“On the first day of uni life, my heart was pounding faster than ever. Finally, the high school era is over and I can focus on the subject that I’m happy about, without an obligation to learn other things.” —Nydia Orlatta

“It was like a new milestone accomplished! I was so excited because I’ll get to meet new friends and of course, new environment. I couldn’t wait to learn many things about interior…” —Cindy Jane

Uni life is surely one that is fun if you choose your major correctly. But, fun is unequal with easy. Learning consists of something that you need to fight and price you have to pay. Maybe you will sacrifice some of your hangout time, or you probably have no time for dating. Even so, every perspiration will never be scattered in vain, because it builds a firm foundation for your future career.

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Credit: @nydiaorlatta

A sleepless night is a friend to Interior Design students, hence, health maintenance is compulsory and perseverance has to tag along. We still remember one of the first year subjects that is called Nirmana and has 9 credits. It’s an a to z about art fundamentals, where we learn and practice every design element, from point to colour. This was a critical season, an uphill battle, because if we don’t pass this subject, we can’t make it to the main major, that is Interior Design.

Yet, other than a ton of assignments, Interior Design students can also have excitement in their own way too! They also learn more about teamwork along the way. Therefore, make sure you have a group of friend that is not only fun, but they who can also work together well to achieve things best with you.

Taking it no longer, we don’t want to ruin the surprise with all the teaser above. Here, we’re writing to Interior Design freshmen some tips and tricks to embark this uni life;

  1. Where should I get the Interior Designer starter packs? Success Stationery. We advise you to visit this store before day one. The most complete store is located in Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua Jakarta, but you can also go to the nearest one to you. They have some branches in other areas and you can get the information on their website. Tap this link to see where it is! >>
  2. You have the trusted and proper store in mind now, but you need some cash to buy the equipment, even a lot more in the near future. Saving is a set of skill that you need to learn, for the equipment is costly. Don’t be surprised at how much pennies you have to spend in each assignment, to buy drawing tools and other equipments.
  3. A ton of assignments as we uttered above, time management is the resolution. Try your best not to be a procrastinator, because this will lead you to sleepless nights.
  4. If at the end you still have to stay up late, this is the health maintenance packs you need to have in your bag: pain relief patches and herbal meds or drinks. Believe it or not, these will save the day.
  5. The long holiday before uni starts is a time for rest, yes, but take some time to practice your perspective drawing skill. You can also equip yourself by taking a few courses such as 3ds Max or Autocad.

Doing what you love to do is a fine state of mind, but becoming an Interior Designer needs perspiration and perseverance. These tips and tricks are in your pocket now, so it’s your time to prepare! Prepare not only for the day one, but the days, weeks, months, and years after until you get your degree and achieve your dream. We don’t wish you a smooth-sailing trip, but an enjoyable one!

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Credit: @isabellaibraniworks

Letter to you later,

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