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Hello again, you, our faithful readers—the interior enthusiasts! We’re writing to you again and this time around we’re pretty sure that you were nodding as you read the title.

However, you still need to name your price and put it down to an invoice, and if you’re an aspiring interior designer, you’re probably confused about how to set your design fee. To that reason, we’re here to enlighten you things about pricing.


Whom to ask? It’s obvious to an interior designer, and absolutely not to a contractor. Because a contractor tends to offer a free design fee. Things like “Build with us and get the interior design for free!” is common in their industry. Other than that, you can consult with them who perhaps have a background as an interior designer and work in this field. Seek an opinion from the professionals and don’t feel embarrassed to ask their time to discuss and toss ideas around.

How to charge the design fee? It simply depends on the client’s needs—what do they want to create? Even though we think that design is art and art can’t simply be quantified, we still can count how many hours that will be spent to extract the design. Then, we can put a price on how much you’re willing to be paid to design in that time period.

Our Creative Director once shared her experience in Dekoruma event “Interior Design Business and Its Future”. She said that an interior designer must know their cost of service since they work in a service field. If we sell a product, we can effortlessly count the raw material prices and add a margin to set the price rate we wish. This is totally unlike with service sector.

Basically, never ever give your design for free! Start with a number that makes sense, then count your cost of service that consists of time, transportation, and a cup of coffee that you may need to finish the project. Once again, know your cost of service.



The longer your experience, the more you’ll be paid. Yet, to be an expert, it takes time and process. The portfolio you build from the day one of your uni-life until the internship and graduation day will be meaningful when you start your career as an interior freelancer or entrepreneur. Do everything with all your heart and give the most of it, hard work will never betray you.

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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