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Cycling at the beach and blown by the ocean breeze. Breathing daily with that kind of morning routine is pleasing imagery, isn’t it? Adding a sunset afterglow before your dinner, what a dreamy life! That’s living in Bali would be like, one of the artsiest cities in Indonesia. But, more to the story, IOOR Studio has been seeing the rapid growth of the F&B business there.

Based on our market research from 2014, we found that there is a strong correlation between F&B and interior design growth in Bali. As many as hideout places like cafes and restaurants have been built, many restaurateurs have also become aware that excellent interior design is an integral part of their business—the right interior design attracts their corresponding target market.

Today, most of the F&B businesses in Bali do not only have an amazing food taste, but also a strong brand identity such as Massimo, Gusto Gelato, Motel Mexicola, Wahaha, Naughty Nuri’s, and so much more. We want to join the growth of this industry and we’ve been also preparing ourselves for 5 years. Thus, we know it’s the right time to finally establish IOOR Studio Bali on July 7th, 2019. Double the seven, double the luck.

Other than that, Bali has always been our particular dream since the beginning of IOOR Studio, where we had our first project here back in 2014. Cafe La Pasion, the Hawaiian-Mexican restaurant in Balangan, Bali, has opened our way to more stories such as X2 Bar, Hard Rock – Bikini Bar, The Bare Bottle, Borough Capsule Hotel, Flapjaks that is currently in progress, and more to come!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 10.29.32
The Bare Bottle – Kuta, Bali
Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 10.29.19
Cafe La Pasion – Balangan, Bali

IOOR Studio aims to make the most of every project that is trusted with us, not only the ones in Jakarta, but also in Bali. We also hope to meet more potential and international client, as we wish that we’re not only mastering the interior design of commercial space but also in the hospitality field such as hotel and resort. It’s our ultimate dream and Bali’s tourism market has already been formed well.

Bali makes us dream bigger. The ambiance of this city and the beautiful culture of its people dare us to move forward. So, yes, we can’t wait to inspire the world through interior design along with the beaches and coconut trees! Please, be expectant of our soon-to-be-done projects in Bali.

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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