A Restaurant Without a Soul

We’ve been echoing about imprinting a soul in interior design and promised to letter you through our blog. So, here we write to you our thoughts about it! But first, let’s find out the definition of a soul.

Soul (n); \ ˈsōl  \; the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.

Accordingly, a soul can be said as a variable that is unseen, but moves and motivates someone to do something. Otherwise, we can conclude that a soulless person is someone who is unmotivated. They are the ones who sail through this ocean of life as if every day is just the same. No fire, nor even a glimmer of light in their eyes. Will living this life that way be pleasant?

That’s about an individual, how about a place that has no soul? We personally think that it’s miles away from enjoyable. Because as you can feel if a person is passionate, you can also immerse into an ambiance of one place that has a soul. Do you recall any name of a cafe or restaurant on your mind?

DSC08908 (1)
Cafe La Pasion – Balangan, Bali

We really believe if a place holds a soul, it will easily attract people. No other reason than because it stands out among other indifferent hideouts, such as those monotone coffee shop and other eating houses. We see that as a problem because a brand should reflect one strong character and not copy the other brands and their interior design. So, here are our answers to that matter.

Brand Identity

Firstly, the restaurant itself should have a character, which is called a brand identity. It consists of a brand element, brand story, brand personality, et cetera. You as a restaurateur play a big role to prescribe the brand identity of your business. We hope that our clients have the same appreciation level to their own identity, just as we regard it highly.

Interior Design

Interior design is an integral part of one’s place. Through our design thinking and design development process, we’ve been successfully imprinted a soul to the interior design of our client’s restaurant according to its brand identity. More about how to do it is available here. Other than that, do you recall “Integrated Interior Design”?

Product & Service

Last but large and worth to be noted is the product of the restaurant. This is your part as the restaurateur to ensure the taste and the quality of your food. Happy tummy, happy mind! Your customer’s tummy can only be happy if it’s filled with yummy delicacy.

Besides that, people will also remember your place through the service. Have you heard this phrase, “People will forget what you did and said, but people will never forget how you made them feel”? Great meals and excellent service are an amazing combo to make your customer come back!

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.52.29
Ardent Coffee & Kitchen – Pesanggrahan, Jakarta

Our analysis found that a brand needs 5 years or more to grow and has a strong soul, so give it time to develop itself while you manage every aspect well. We can also conclude that in the end, a restaurant with a soul will surf longer through the highs and lows of market competition.

We have witnessed many, and of them is Cafe La Pasion that has been growing amazingly with its soul attached in every corner of the room. Thus, if you love to build an eating house or a hideout that owns a soul, you can trust the work in our hands. Promise you, we won’t let you down.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 16.57.58
Ardent Coffee & Kitchen – Pesanggrahan, Jakarta

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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