Warm, Transitional, and Enchanting Ambiance at Seroeni, Gandaria City

One day someone asked us via the interactive question sticker that we posted on Instagram, he questioned,

“Since day one, what is the most meaningful experience that IOOR Studio had encountered?”.

Producing a great interior design for our clients can be the answer to this question, yet if we trace back our memoir, the most memorable one is when we conceived an excellent design out of a very enigmatical existing layout. When we see how that design turned into reality and it satisfied the client and us, it was the best feeling on earth!

Today, we unveiled to you Seroeni in Gandaria City, Jakarta, which is one of the hardest existing layouts that IOOR Studio had reimagined into a head-turner Modern Peranakan restaurant. On the first day of its opening, Seroeni is full house whilst we witnessed how every eye of the passersby turned to Seroeni.

Seroeni, Gandaria City

Seroeni takes its name simply from the seruni flower, which many of us may be more familiar with chrysanthemum. They serve people from very wide demography with a heartwarming Peranakan cuisine. Seroeni incorporates traditional and modern dishes, taking it to a whole new level of Malay-Chinese heritage culinary.

IOOR Studio composed the warm, transitional, and enchanting ambiance through the colors of its brand identity, navy blue and a touch of gold. As for the decorations, we bring modern chinoiseries embellishment into play and also yellow seruni flowers as the earmark of Seroeni’s brand identity.

Seroeni, Gandaria City

Through this experience, we came to the conclusion that a difficult layout can be a blessing in disguise as long as we do what we always do, interpreting the brand identity into interior design. How is it for you?

However, you are very welcome to visit Seroeni every time you are nearby. After you turn your eye, try to roam into the room and taste their absolute tasty delicacies that have been passed down through generations.

Project: Seroeni

Location: Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia

Instagram: @seroeni.id

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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