How the Front of the House Leaves a Long-lasting Impression to Your Customers

“Understanding how the front of the house operates is important to the overall success of any restaurant,” Lorri Mealey once wrote an article about it and we share the same faith with her.

What does the term “front of the house” mean? Let’s first untangle that here. It’s simply everything that your customers will see, taste, smell, hear, and experience, as they pay a visit to your place. It’s as far as your customers’ five senses are allowed to indulge in the restaurant.

Panbakers Latimojong – Makassar
MWP_6442-Edit copy
Panbakers Latimojong – Makassar

The front of the house includes the exterior, lobby, dining room, bar, and restroom. From the outside to the heart of your cafe, it distinguishes you from other places. It involves the management of the customer service and the physical structure of the restaurant, which absolutely is interior design. What kind of ambiance that you want to set in motion? How do you want your customers to feel?

Everyone 100% prefers a friendly waiter who is also helpful. One that understands the a to z about the restaurant and doesn’t stutter when the guest asks one or two questions about the dishes. Thus, you have to make sure that your waiter grasps what hospitality means. Train your front of the house’s staff very well to avoid any mistakes that probably add a bad review of your restaurant.

Panbakers Latimojong – Makassar
Panbakers Latimojong – Makassar

“A good Interior design is the one that pleases every sense of a man—sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Otherwise, it will fail the customers,” a year ago we wrote about this on our blog because we believe that integrated interior design is one that creates a long-lasting impression. This very feeling determines whether the customers are coming back or vice versa.

An amazing combination of customer service and interior design is what makes the front of the house memorable. For it’s not just the face of your restaurant, but it lays a long-term foundation for your business. It leaves an impression and they say the first impression is everything, aren’t they?

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