The Hardest Layout

We have faith that the harder the problem, the better the outcome. Interior design is always about giving a solution to every complication that happens in the project site, it’s an art of problem-solving.

As we have narrated about Seroeni on the last blog, thus far, it has the hardest layout. The first encounter with Seroeni gives us a huge surprise, one that is very challenging. Our senior designer, Michelle Harison, said “I had mixed feelings on that day, the layout is unlike the usual tenant that is square, it’s an irregular pentagon! The building structure is also complicated, there are a few big pillars and a transverse column in a height of 2 meters.”


Yet, regardless of the problems, we still said yes to this project. Because for us it’s a sure-fire that a great interior design begins with problems.

Departed with this very complicated layout, we began to design it. We decided to give a treatment to the interior element that makes the complications look as if it’s a part of the design. Although we found it tricky, we ensured that the ambiance is unerring, and doesn’t miss the design concept.


From the face of Seroeni, we designed something that is inviting for walk-in customers. We created an accent of the moon-like pendant light that was inspired by Pat Ngiat Pan, one of the Chinese traditional ceremonies. We gave Seroeni a touch of Peranakan and seruni flower decoration. We also combine banquet and casual seatings to make it a little modest.

At the left booth seatings, we put other Peranakan accents and decorations. We implemented printed tiles that have seruni flowers drawing on it. We also painted Seroeni in navy blue and gold to represent elegance. Meanwhile, at the other corner, we gave an accent of Peranakan windows, so that the brand identity of Seroeni is interpreted as a whole through the interior design.


Now you know why Seroeni is the hardest design for us. It has a very complicated layout, therefore it’s very challenging. But in the end, our faith doesn’t fail us. Seroeni becomes a head-turner restaurant and gets a really good review from customers. Thank you for loving our design at Seroeni!

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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