Flapjaks: Reimagined

An array of sweet and savory pancakes and waffles, a multitude of flavors of low-fat home-made gelato made to perfection, that’s how society knows Flapjaks all these years. They have been serving people with the unwavering delectable recipe since a decade ago, have you become one of their loyal lovers?

This pioneer house of home-made pancakes & gelato in Bali had just reimagined their space, growing stronger with their brand identity intact to every corner of the place. Chic and collected, Flapjaks is now filled with unique pieces that create depth and make people find it easier to like the redesigned space.


So, here we want to tell you the whole story about the reimagining process. Once again and always, we interpreted the brand identity into interior design. We simply started from its name which means flat tart, a pancake that is also the strength of Flapjaks. Thus, we inserted a huge pancake and embedded a cutting laser acrylic of maple syrup on the facade. The anterior seatings were also set to attract the passers-by.

The shapes of pancakes, waffles, and crepes which are a full circle, a half-circle, and a triangle became the shape accent of the furniture, decorations, and various areas of the interior space. Multiple murals of dessert were painted to create a fun and playful ambiance. This rustic and contemporary space is also tinted with white and pastel colors with a hint of red to keep the brand identity of Flapjaks imprinted.

Alongside with it, “flip, twist, and rotate” were also the main idea of the whole design concept. Those verbs portray the motion of pancakes, waffles, and crepes making process. We were inspired to create and incorporate a customer experience zone where customers can interact with multi-sensory pieces that rotate and spin. People can find it in the indoor seating area and the stairs railing outdoors.


We aimed to create an interior with a bright and lively vibe that suits the brand identity of Flapjaks, as well as to attract regular and new customers to the restaurant. Every nook is a photo-spot, so shoot your best pose whilst savor every bite of their homemade pancake. For now, you can only find Flapjaks in Kuta Sidewalk, but in no time the branch in Kuta Beach will be unveiled to the folk.

Project: Flapjaks

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Instagram: @flapjaksbali

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IOOR Studio

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