Kaya Rempah: Traditional Market Concept

Kaya Rempah: Traditional Market Concept

Makassar and its awe-wonderful charm unexpectedly present to the sightseer endless goodness. The culture, the people, and the culinary hold that little space in the heart of many. You can travel for coffee or probably an ancient historic wanderlust. As long as you can beat the heat, Makassar will not find it hard to amuse you.

After Numericca, Kyouchii, Panbakers, and Bello Gelato, Merindco Group once again has faith in us to design Kaya Rempah, their recent Indonesian casual dining place. Kaya Rempah indulges people with the variety of flavors from Sabang to Merauke. It completes Makassar even more!


The brand identity of Kaya Rempah simply takes from its name, they know that the key to the delicacy of Indonesian cuisine is spices. It’s like living up to the name that was given to them. Nevertheless, Kaya Rempah doesn’t only serve authentic Indonesian dishes, they also want to complete the customer experience through the ambiance. Kaya Rempah and IOOR Studio understand more than well that an integrated interior design makes the dining experience more memorable.

Therefore, we implement a traditional market concept into interior design. It’s our culture that we buy spices and ingredients in the traditional market, especially to cook Indonesian authentic dishes. You can find the concept implementation in the bar area and the array of market goods in the decorations.

Last but large, we imprint some laser cut wood in batik patterns on the walls, there are parang kusumo, kawung, priangan, and many more. We also use wicker and rattan as the integral accent of Kaya Rempah. They are applied in the lighting, stairs, and some furniture. We support local weaving artists by using their work such as water hyacinth chandeliers.

Whenever you’re around and craving for the appetizing Indonesian cuisine, come and visit Kaya Rempah. They have a lot of chilli options to offer you! Go and taste their absolute tasty delicacies that are rich in spices just like its name.

Location: Makassar, Indonesia

Instagram: @kayarempah.id

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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