Twenty-twenty is tough, but it has been a fascinating journey for us. We’ve been engaging the pandemic as a pause button for us to take a rest, and in this restful long space, we always encourage each other that we can get through this season together. It will not be winter forever, right? The sun will rise again… The sun will always find its way to shine.

Now, even though there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet, we are not stopping. Adaptation is another skill we have learned and we count it as the most precious lesson. It’s the key for each one of us to stay alive and never stop growing. 

Time to time, we brainstorm some ideas virtually. We dig our strength deeper and put aside our weakness for a while, so we can have more time to reflect and find our best version. Until we realize that our team is the determinant. Our team has made this ride more beautiful. Their strength and commitment to always bring out the best in them, remind us to go back to our heart—to be a platform for the younger designer to develop their passion.

Together, we are growing as a team.

Our core was residential design. 7 years and 7 months ago, our founders started everything from home. On a coffee table and in a 3×3 meter room is where we designed one’s home. Home design is our foundation, which becomes the strong establishment of IOOR Studio today.

The moment when we learned about our clients’ personalities and listened to their needs, the time when we designed their homes according to those conditions, it has made us become more detail-oriented and care for every corner of the room.

Villa – Bali
Villa – Bali

To make one’s home, again.

HOOM Living is a sub-brand of PT IOOR Studio Indonesia. We aim to interpret you, your personal brand and strong character, to your dream house. A home that isn’t only built, but also made from the heart. Or a villa that can become one’s sanctuary, a safe haven amid the hustle.

Pool Suite Hotel – Bali
Villa – Bali
Grand Suite Hotel – Bali

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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