Bedroom Design: Everyday is a Staycation

Bedroom Design: Everyday is a Staycation
Isn’t it lovely to make every day a staycation in our bedroom? Not only made from love, but a thoughtful arrangement of decorations and furniture. From your bed to the little stuff in the corner, design and transform them into a whole new sanctuary, a safe haven for you to take a rest from your hustle.
Saying “welcome home” has never felt this fine.
We feel you! If……just if we have this kind of chamber, the world feels a little kinder, doesn’t it? Coming home will be the most pleasing agenda at the end of your to-do-list. Ergo, we want to share our two cents about it, some practical ideas that you can apply to your own bedroom.

Don’t sleep on a bad bed.
Either taking a brief nap or a deep sleep, the quality of your bed determines the quality of your sleep, more than the sum of hours you spend to catch some zzz. A baby-soft bedding and duvet cover is also a nice idea to improve your rest at night. It also elevates the pleasant feeling of laying down inside your sheets.
Make it as if you were at a hotel.
How many layers of pillow do you think one bed has in a hotel? It depends… But basically, there are three types of pillows, which are sleeping pillow, decorative sham, and accent pillow. The one that you use longer is your sleeping pillow, so please do splurge on it. For the sham and accent pillow, you can start by asking yourself what kind of tone you want for your bedroom.

Cozy floor pillows or couches are not mandatory, but do matter.
If you wished for a space to take a breather, drink your morning coffee, or write a daily journal, this spot matters. Renew your morning routine for the sake of your well-being. It can be a place to hush the noise and take time to become aware of your own breath. But… It’s also a good idea to dedicate that corner to catch up with “My List” on Netflix or continue watching the unfinished TV series.
Down to the detail of decorations, greeneries, and tertiary needs.
Be careful of not being too much or too little, and be mindful of your own needs. Choose your kind of wall art and the size of the plant in the corner. Do you love dried flowers or perhaps a scented candle? Bettering the odor of the room with incense or essential oil diffusers can govern your mood, and then your day.
Tone down the light and vibin’ out. Hakuna Matata.

Calm is at the palm of your hand. External cause is out of your control, but you can do your part to compose the vibes. But more than everything that we have mentioned above, the top priority is maintaining the cleanliness of your room. Decluttering a few or a lot of stuff can be essential too.
As for now, you know the first thing to do, right? Visit our website for more inspiration.
Letter to you later,
HOOM Living

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