Tropical Scandinavian Dwelling: A Sanctuary Amid Your Hustle

Tropical Scandinavian Dwelling: A Sanctuary Amid Your Hustle
Some of us probably have been thinking that we are alone in this battle called life until we experienced this highly contagious pathogen together as one — no exception. Old and young, prosperous and underprivileged, and many other social strata that divide us into some classifications. #stayathome or #workfromoffice, it honestly doesn’t create a significant difference nowadays.
“In the end, what we need is a home that can recharge our psyche tank, to walk into tomorrow with a healthy mind and soul.”
Ergo, we all have our kind of sanctuary, don’t we? One that makes us happy unpretentiously, and a place to always come back no matter how tough our day can be. What’s yours? The data said that most of you fancy a dwelling with a Tropical Scandinavian style. This genre is listed as the recently loved home design — that kind on-repeat playlist on Spotify.
We admit that this design is very likable. Do you recall someone that is quickly loved by everyone in one encounter? This design is just like it. The composite of Scandinavian furniture and greeneries makes one room pleasing to the eyes. And as it’s seen on the design above, we can see this bedroom as a haven to lay down our weariness after a long hustle outside. Painted in earth color, it can calm our stormy mind and tired heart, hence it’s a better place to have a quality rest.
“Take a breather and pause for a while, do not rush on anything…”
Yet, whatever design that you are into, do you know the importance of an interior designer for your home? Why is hiring a professional interior designer necessary?
We don’t know the fundamentals and standards of interior design styles completely.
The first word that comes to our mind is probably “aesthetic.” An excellent interior design elevates the beauty of a room, but more than that, we should know that every design style has its own fundamentals and standards. An interior designer understands the norms of it — from the aspect of form, detail, and color composite. Some of us have an exquisite design taste, but an interior designer can interpret our idea better than us.
We need a design that is not only picturesque but makes our life easier.
Interior design isn’t just about the visual of our home, it’s a lot more complicated than that. It has to meet our specific needs, and comply with our priorities and our activities flow. An interior designer will thoughtfully design the layout and the whole interior design based on our daily life. A more experienced interior designer understands how to create a good flow of one space. Cheers to a more efficient life!
We purchase the interior designer’s eyes and taste.
The 10,000-hour rule isn’t just a cliche, because expertise comes after perseverance, doesn’t it? We need the help of the professional to create a harmonious home design. Hiring one actually means that we buy their eyes and taste. From the color spectrum to the arrangement of decorations and the selection of furniture.
HOOM Living designs you a home that can become your sanctuary, your safe haven amid the hustle. We understand that it is essential for people to reside in a dwelling that can enhance well being. A place to rest and explore the wildest idea to feed our creative mind. A room that is more than just about four walls but filled with warmth and love.
Letter to you later,
HOOM Living

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