Heavenly Chocolate: a Moment of Serenity

Heavenly Chocolate: a Moment of Serenity

Welcome to the world of Heavenly Chocolate! The balance between cocoa and freshness of cream generates a silky melt-in-your-mouth delicacy — a true definition of heaven on earth. As the best nama chocolate in Bali, it is the perfect stop for a lasting gastronomic experience on your getaway. It can be a special treat for yourself or a gift for your dearest friends, that will reside within their memoir as a heavenly, nearly serene experience.

Heavenly Chocolate is a birth of passion, perseverance, and persistence. Bumping into IOOR Studio after the searching of many other interior designers, we want to introduce you to this delicate space reflecting the care in the making of each box of Heavenly Chocolate.

Heavenly Chocolate, Bali

Designed in the Japanese Minimalist concept, it mirrors the simplicity of shortlisted but the finest ingredients. Your first impression will be the Japanese sand pool that is placed in the foreground of the shop. And as you step inside the store, you will see a signboard of ナマチョコレート (namachokorēto), the only menu of Heavenly Chocolate.

Interpreting their brand identity to interior design, IOOR Studio engraves cocoa beans pattern on their communal table, H letter of Heavenly on the ceiling, and checkered wood walls that represent nama chocolate. To complement the design, we decide on natural stones that embellish the bar area.

Heavenly Chocolate is a playground for the lovers of chocolate, who like to reward themselves a bite of heaven when needed. This is the right place to unwind and simply savor the blissful taste of the most irresistible food in the world. Thank God for chocolate!

Heavenly Chocolate, Bali

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Instagram: @heavenlychocolatebali

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