Discern Integrated Interior Design as an Investment Rather Than a Cost

Discern Integrated Interior Design as an Investment Rather Than a Cost

Where are you now? At home and imagining about your long-postponed dream? Scribble your business plan and idea down on a piece of paper? Or looking for the right priority list to build your business well?

We all are perhaps not in the same circumstances, but we can have the same page. And the one million dollar question today is: what do you invest the most when building your business or brand?

Before scrolling down, take your time to ponder about this matter…

Flapjaks, Bali

After the quickie contemplation, do any of you think that investing in your interior design is important? Splurging in integrated interior design is an investment, and we call it that way because the value of your business and brand is elevated via the interior design.

A well-designed interior is a competitive advantage for your business. People most probably come back if they had a fine experience at your place, don’t they? Not only an instagrammable spot, but an integrated interior design where your brand identity is interpreted as a whole on every corner of the space.

The folks that come to your place will take some pictures, whether they’re a photographer or a coffee shop hopper. Then they tag your place on their social media posts, their mutuals will surely bump into their stories and eventually consider your place for the next hangouts.

Call it a free media promotion? It definitely is! And what’s better than that? It’s a long term investment.

The Bare Bottle, Bali

Other than a long term media promotion, we should go back to basics, because one error can cost you more than hiring the right interior designer. Mistakes often happen in basic matters such as area measurement, inharmonious design concepts, and the worst is wrong construction and material cost calculation.

It all leads to an unexpected nightmare, and a professional interior design consultant is the one who can help you to avoid possible disadvantages. They are called professionals because they have a holistic knowledge about what they are doing — marrying many furniture with the other decorations and every choice of color.

Hiring a professional interior design consultant is more than about creating an aesthetic place, but a design concept that is integrated well. Do you regard branding as an essential matter? If your answer to this question is yes, hiring IOOR Studio will be the right decision.

IOOR Studio truly cares about your brand, and our mission is to interpret your brand identity to integrated design. We always believe in brand equity, and an integrated design will enhance your brand valuation. We sincerely want to help you conceive an interior design that can be your long term investment.

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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