Home Design Tips for Good Mental Health

Home Design Tips for Good Mental Health

It’s not surprising to know that this pandemic has affected our mental health, working from home doesn’t fit everyone. Some probably found their zen, but there are more who crumbled down. However, it’s only right for each one of us to fight for a better version of ourselves. One asks for help, and the others give their hands, so the world can become a better place for every humankind.

Hence, when you read this piece and feel like your friends need it, do not hesitate to say hi and share this blog with them. What we are going to share now is a home design that hopefully can elevate and improve our well-being and mental health.

We are not a master of psychology, nor someone who can fix one’s soul. But we understand what kind of space that can be a place to recharge. And our aim has never changed, it is to make one’s home.

Firstly, write down everything about you

Nope, not your future spouse criteria, but a list of your needs, preferences, priorities, and so on. Your daily routine is the key to create the right layout for you, so you can move swimmingly from one agenda to the other.

Besides that, an interior style also has an important role here. You have to choose between American or Scandinavian, Minimalist or Tropical, Contemporary or Industrial, and many more. What if you love two styles at the same time? Incorporate them just like nowadays Japandi, a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style that is loved by many.

Level up your space value

It will sound like an unpopular opinion, but good quality furniture is also an investment. More than what aesthetically divine, but a fine material won’t give you an extra headache. Can you imagine a piece of furniture that doesn’t last more than a dozen months?

Elevating your space value also comes with lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning improvement. What kind of environment can make it easier for you to take a deep breath and relax?

Redecorate, or perhaps renovate if needed

How many rooms need to have a new face? It’s your call. If there is no major change needed, then you can just redecorate the room.

“Let go of the stuff that doesn’t spark joy anymore,” said Marie Kondo. But embed things that depict your innermost self. It can be a family picture, your favorite artwork, or literally anything that you cherish and resonate with who you are.

You don’t have to buy brand new furniture, you can just refurbish one or two of the old ones that don’t look as good as before. While you’re at it, try to set down some plants. It will surely make your room feel more alive.

However, if you need a major change for your home, you can consult your needs with IOOR Studio. If renovation is a must, we are excited to help you! Listening about your dream home and helping you to maintain good mental health is what we love to do. Do not hesitate to drop us a message.

Letter to you later,

HOOM Living

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