Ardent Coffee & Kitchen: A Cure for Your Hangry State of Mind

Hey folks, oh yes you, who aren’t 80% of water but coffee, and you who fall head over heels to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Do you remember the bitter excitement of Ardent Archipelago that we’ve previously written to you? It is now perfectly ready to capture more happiness in a cup, specifically to satisfy the coffeegasm of Western populace who live near Pesanggrahan.

6This two-story coffee hideout won’t be the one you expected to be, the mural walls or the wooden table topped with baby’s breath, nope. It’s a synthesis of glasshouse, Japanese, and exceptional coffee. Japanese fusion eats and bites are thoughtfully served for you who come with a hangry state of mind. As well as getting your daily caffeine fix here, you are also able to learn about your favorite little bean at the coffee academy upstairs.

Glasshouse is used to be an exterior thingy, yet we twist it as the interior concept. Covered with black frames, greenies will do their duty to liven up the place. While colors such as broken white and cream will paint the walls to show the simplicity that makes you feel as if you’re at home. A combination of all these colors hopefully will bring both bright and refreshed tones as you walk in.

Japanese interior was captured through light furniture and a drop of Hinoki wood color. Ardent’s logo is also brewtifully imprinted in some of the furniture, such as top table and table legs, which are manufactured by our sister company, The Toop Table. As you step closer to the bar, you will also find their logo that is installed on its back panel. And for the floor plan, terrazzo pattern granite is applied to complete the modern contemporary look. Their identity is glued to every corner of the space.

Could you picture in mind how Ardent turns to be? Either yes or no, it’s always a good option to visit this place. Drink a potion made from magic beans that will bring you back to life, survive the day and face the morning people. May a cup of coffee from Ardent kicks in before the reality does.

(Pictures courtesy of Ardent Kitchen and Coffee, Foodlover BSD, and IOOR Studio)

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Are You Building A House Or A Home?

Whether you live in the heart of a city or a far-far-away suburb, you still want a safe haven called home, where you can take a deep breath after a very long day hustling with office life. Therefore, it’s never an effortless work to build your own place, as it is the place where your story begins.

It’s true that building a house is not a plaything, nor is easy to do. Either assembling it from scratches or just doing a minor renovation, it’s still not as simple as playing The Sims on your smartphone. That’s why, building a home is even harder, because a house is made of wall and painted by furniture, while a home is built of love and brushed by dreams. No matter how big your house is, the happiness within is what truly matters.

There may be endless considerations you have to mediate overtime, as a house is not for just one, but at least there are two different creatures with contrast preferences, opinions and likings. It should tell a story of a family that dwells inside, and an anthology of what they love. As mainstream as it can be, it must hold their history.

You may need to do a research by yourself, but there are some points you can add into your notes, before building your dream home. Here you go.


The difference between wants and needs are so subtle, but a medley of both may create such a home where your heart is unable to leave. Part them into two sections; needs as the main thing and wants as your wishlist. Now, give an answer to this question; what is the main thing of every room in your house? They are the ones that you need the most. After this, turn your wishlist into reality; button down the decorations you would love to stay in a specific space of your house.

Budget Wise

A budget plan will determine whether the news you get is good or otherwise. It can either add or subtract your set list of wants and needs. But, the wiser you plot the budget, the more you can decide which one you really have to spend a fortune and save your savings. Don’t you feel much wiser after you read this paragraph?

Pick a Call

Is there any unanswered thought? Schedule a meeting with your trusted Interior Design Consultant, it most probably us, isn’t it? IOOR Studio, as always, loves to decipher what you have been dreaming about your space. We embrace your stories and so excited to help you paint them across every corner of your home. We are also an expert in psychological color, therefore show us your true shades, we will sketch every single room with your color scheme.


Wish all the words above can help you to build your dream home, not only walls without dreams, rooms without laughter, and windows without adventures. And may your home become just like a port in a storm, a place to rest after a very long day.

(All Pictures Courtesy Pinterest)

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Ardent Archipelago: A Bitter Excitement While Waiting For Boarding Time

Who doesn’t fall head over heels for Indonesian coffee? Name it, magic brownish beans from Aceh Gayo, Flores Bajawa, Toraja Sapan. Well, isn’t it our forte to birth an exceptional coffee? Which is not only recognized by the next-door countries, but the whole world?
Understanding the very high airport mobility, and the morning flights that cause people to land their baggage, or just themselves two hours early before the boarding time, Ardent answers the needs by opening Ardent Archipelago – Coffee & Eatery. They are in a full force to fulfill your coffeegasm anytime.
A sip of coffee from Ardent is out of ordinary, as they’ve been in this bean-roasting business for years. And staying in the comfort zone isn’t their passion, so that they invented an uber refreshing decaf called Nitro Coffee. It’s an excitement in every gulp, as if you’re having a soft drink, when it’s just a very pleasant ice long black.
The interior design is another story to tell, and will be one of the reason why you visit this coffee space while waiting for your flight number to be called. Inspired by the coffee itself, brownish and natural, wood is the main thing we bring into play. Meanwhile the floor treatment in Ardent is unlikely to be found in any other place, it’s their brand identity which altered from the brand element.
Now, as you embark to the other side of this universe through Terminal 3 Ultimate Soekarno Hatta, you can enjoy a bitter surprise in a cup of caffeine from Ardent. Pack up your things and safe flight everyone!
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Case Study: How to Cast a Spell and Voila the Bedroom You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Bedroom. Once you read this single word, what’s the first thing that’s popping inside your head? Sleeping, wondering, day dreaming? Those three things may be what some people like the most, and the others may just prefer to take a rest as it is their favorite sanctuary. Nope, do not mention studying all night for tomorrow exam, don’t.

Each one of us has a story to tell, either about life or just ourselves. Sometimes we just don’t know how to make people listen or have no platform to do so. But aren’t those kind of stories limited just for your loved ones? Not everyone will understand, even if they had already tried to hear us out. Why don’t you pour those tales throughout your bedroom?


As you read the title, this is not that boring case study from the other world named college or office, but this may be what you’ve been asking for your whole life. We want our bedroom to be the best space that ever existed in this universe. We want our kind of bedroom, the one that our souls long to every time we have to go through the stressful night traffic. The question is: How?

Well, scroll down to see the best answers that our designer can present to you.

First, write down how big your bedroom is and the budget that you want to spend, because your idealism has to match those issues. If you have endless cash in your bank account, you may prefer to contact us, an interior design consultancy, but if you don’t, it’s not much a problem to do it by yourself.


Where to splurge and to save? Spend most of your shekels in comfort, go buy the best pillow and bed. At the end of the day, sleeping is the main thing, where you fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose. You don’t want an unnecessary backache for you to seize the day.

Meanwhile for decorations, you can do both save and splurge. Don’t buy the one that’s only eye-pleasing, but something that depictures yourself, your passion and dreams. Either you are a writer, a singer, a designer, or an office-worker, name it. Place an A to Z about you to remind yourself that dreams may be just a step away from where you stand. For wardrobe, table, couch, just buy something that suits the room well, don’t spend a fortune for those stuffs.


If it turns out that you will do it your own, start small. Note that “one step at a time” is the one thing that you should do. Simply pinterest the idea, buy one furniture and decoration at a time. No need to rush, you still catch some shuteye every night in the same room anyway.

Have a good sleep, wanderer!

(All Pictures Courtesy Pinterest)

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Oh-So-Scrumptious Nasi Goreng, Presented by Riso Fritto

“Instaworthy!” once Riso Fritto said about our works for their space. Yes, we made it!

Riso Fritto is a brand new eatery authored by a triad, Henderson, Daniel and Kevin. Henderson, the one who rules the kitchen, was graduated as a chef back in United States. Last year, he glided back to Jakarta for his heart towards Indonesia which later became the first issue behind the inception of Riso Fritto, a Nasi Goreng hideout in the heart of West Jakarta.

“What’s so special about Fried Rice?” the skeptics are questioning in harmony. Well, a meal without rice isn’t really a meal for an Indonesian, right? And talking about nutrition, we all need carbohydrate. Has been equipped in cooking for years, Henderson is now mastering the most scrumptious Nasi Goreng in the city, exceptionally the oh-so-delish Carbonarice®, signature dish of Riso Fritto.

As it’s portraying rice, clean and neat are the keywords for this eatery. Therefore it is mostly colored by white and plays geometric shape.  Wood and plants complete the modern interior style. For us, Riso Fritto is special and unique, and we believe that someday Henderson’s passion in cooking will bring Riso Fritto somewhere.

Witness how they unfolded their journey today, taste the one and only Carbonarice®, and photograph yourself with your loved ones in the most instagramable spot of Riso Fritto.

It’s rice to meet you!


Riso Fritto

Instagram: @risofritto

Frying at PHX Grogol.

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Pick One: Contractor or Handyman

Choosing between two things is never easy, a little research sometimes is necessary to hatch a good verdict. In building or renovating your space, you need to decide what kind of hands that will help you, except you are a contractor yourself. If you aren’t one, there will be two options for you, betwixt are a handyman and a contractor.


Hiring a contractor is definitely not cheaper than asking a neighbor handyman, but to become a wiser you, you have to consider another aspect besides the cost. Although a handyman may also be a smart choice if your space isn’t any larger than 20m2. We know that you’re still contemplating about what to choose, so below we’ll give you more thoughts to ponder by yourself.

Special Service

A contractor will give you many options about the material you need, including the price and the specification detail. You don’t have to go outside, because he will buy everything you need. Vice versa, a handyman doesn’t buy things for you, you can choose all you want and as you please.

Time Plan

For you who love to be on time, hiring a contractor may be the only choice. A contractor will set a time plan, you don’t have to be stressed over the handyman who sometimes likes to procrastinate his work. And the thing is a contractor will pay a penalty cost if the renovation is done beyond the deadline, he is a professional.


A handyman can build anything through rough sketches, but when something goes wrong, there is no paperwork that can hold him responsible. While a contractor builds something according to a shop drawing we made, which includes the ceiling, wall, floor, and electrical stuffs. From the shop drawing itself, he will know exactly all the material we need.


Done meditating on the three points above? Now you can see oh-how-different the way they do their jobs. None of them are a really bad option, but you know so well why you have to pay a higher price to a contractor. Hiring a handyman is absolutely better for your savings, but mostly there will be an extra cost you have to spend. As for the contractor, you also have to choose the right one, because each of them have their own preference, either a residence or a commercial space.

(All Pictures Courtesy Pinterest)

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How to Marry Those Pinterest Interior Looks with Your Own Space

Imagine your room as a book, it owns stories and you are the main author. Page by page, you want to make it wonderful as you only live once. But becoming the solo content creator is not an easy-peasy thing to do. It is miles away from how effortless you mix-match your weekend outfits.

If you were inspired by some fashion bloggers to wear denim jacket outside your white dress or the ‘nowadays’ monochromatic look, you’re also able to find endless ideas from Pinterest for either the interior concept of your apartment or studio. Various genres that match your styles are just as far as a typing on your phone.

However, it can’t be done just by a flick of your fingers. It’s gonna take a lot of time and maybe a tight budget setting, note that you still need to hire an Interior Designer, to transform your ideas into reality. Scroll down some steps that thoughtfully told by our very own designer, Nydia Orlatta, to create the concept you like;


A story needs a theme. First thing first, pick two or three keywords that represent ambience you want, it might be warm-sophisticated-neat, masculine-clean-cool, or anything, you name it.


Second, you need to choose 2 colors and 1 neutral color as the balancer. If you have any portrait you like, you can also simply select the colors from it.


We have our own favorite furniture stores, it might be IKEA, JYSK, or anything, you make the call. Buy all the practical furniture you need and put in mind the two steps above as considerations. Remember that it doesn’t include your wardrobe or kitchen set, both should be measured to fit in your place well.


Finding the right one doesn’t just apply to your other half, it goes the same with decorations inside your room. You don’t want a shocking pink glittery table runner leans on your Rustic table, or a rainbow unicorn cushion awkwardly sitting on the Vintage sofa you have.

(All Pictures Courtesy Pinterest)

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Unwind Your Weary Day On An Instaworthy Cushion

Introducing you to On & On Living, who believes a phrase that says “home is where your heart belongs”. It’s like seeing a smile drew on your parent’s face, leaning your worries to the arm of your lover, there ain’t a word can describe.

Proudly made by Indonesians, in the early 2013, they unite graphics, fabrics and comfort vibrant. Helping you to call your place a home, no matter what your space is. Home is indeed the most favorite place on earth.

On & On Living issue a brand new design thematically through seasons, and never miss out the trend. Custom-made cushion is their forte. You can be whoever you are through a sleek pillow, produce what your eyes demand. It privately made just for you, nothing like reproduce except you ask more of it. Even if you can’t decipher what your heart wants, they give you unending options, yet aesthetic.

They are like a perfect companion for your weary day. Giving you comfort and gratifying your mood. Ask no more and check the newest stuff in their store. Now.




On and On


Instagram: @onandonliving

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Make Your Bedroom More Aesthetic Than Ever, Yet Termites-Proof

You probably had seen those wooden floors or walls in some instagrammable places like coffee shops or your friend’s minimalist house. Perhaps, you had daydreamt applying it in your very own dream bedroom, a long time ago. Nevertheless there are few things that lingering your mind, first come to your budget, second is no other than termites.

Nobody loves termite. Woods will never do, it’s always a one-sided feeling by termite itself. But woods helplessly live under the same roof with those merciless insects, easily gives up. Elesgo won’t be like one, IOOR finally found the bravest resistance of them all. Coated with an acrylic high tech in Germany, it withstands against the tide, not only those bugs.

Kamar pakai Elesgo

It might be not a “say no to termites”, but Elesgo resists longer than other furniture in your house. This finest laminate wood flooring is multi-talented. It befriends small fire such as the candle on your birthday cake, half times noiseless as your high heels tiptoeing the room, and will be the last survivor among other furniture in your house.

Well, it owns resistance, but not an anti-fan. Therefore an anti-termite repellent is still needed. Besides, here are many courses to kill termites; impromptu sunshine, rice water, any kind of bug repellent and the magical black coffee powder.

Doubt you can find a better option than this, aesthetic yet termites-proof.

Instagram: @elesgo_hdm_asia


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A Dream Café of Kyouchii, Interpret Origami Through Layering

Kyouchii is a brand new Japanese-inspired dessert village based in Makassar, one of a big city in Indonesia. It began with a tale about a fox, called Kyouchii, living in Kitsune, a small Japanese village. And to living its dream, Kyouchii went to the city and built a café.

As we can see from the story, Kyouchii is the icon of this café. The whole interior design idea itself is to “Interpret Origami Through Layering”. Departing from Japanese tradition and embracing a modern aesthetic in its design, we were careful not to give minimalist and homey feeling too much, because it is a commercial space.


KYOUCHII_INTERIOR_2We painted a kind of cheerful touch to captivate not only adults, but also kids. It was delivered through pastel colors throughout the café, dominated largely by pink, tosca, blue, yellow and green. In keeping with the logo, almost everything was designed to highlight geometrical shapes. It psychologically gives a resolute and firm sense not only for a woman to visit the café, but a man can also comfortably set his foot on Kyouchii.

As for the tables, we got it from The Toop Table, a sister company of IOOR STUDIO. There are three table designs that were thoughtfully produced. The first features an engraved Kyouchii fox logo in mosaic tiles. The second is a trapezium wood table that contains white pebbles forming the logo, which is surrounded by synthetic grass. The third is a combination of trapezium and parallelogram.



The concept was also interestingly poured into the whole café, including the façade, shapes in the staircase railing, foxy wooden frames and the pastel roofs. It was intentionally created to spark curiosity into the eyes of all the passersby.

Kyouchii is the aftermath of mindful interior design concept that was constructed based on our client’s needs, not leaving behind the thoughtful design, comfort and functional facets.

We hope our design could be accepted along with the fun and cheerful mood that was presented by Kyouchii.

Instagram: @kyouchii

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