Unwind Your Weary Day On An Instaworthy Cushion

Introducing you to On & On Living, who believes a phrase that says “home is where your heart belongs”. It’s like seeing a smile drew on your parent’s face, leaning your worries to the arm of your lover, there ain’t a word can describe.

Proudly made by Indonesians, in the early 2013, they unite graphics, fabrics and comfort vibrant. Helping you to call your place a home, no matter what your space is. Home is indeed the most favorite place on earth.

On & On Living issue a brand new design thematically through seasons, and never miss out the trend. Custom-made cushion is their forte. You can be whoever you are through a sleek pillow, produce what your eyes demand. It privately made just for you, nothing like reproduce except you ask more of it. Even if you can’t decipher what your heart wants, they give you unending options, yet aesthetic.

They are like a perfect companion for your weary day. Giving you comfort and gratifying your mood. Ask no more and check the newest stuff in their store. Now.




On and On

Website: http://www.onandonstore.com

Instagram: @onandonliving

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Make Your Bedroom More Aesthetic Than Ever, Yet Termites-Proof

You probably had seen those wooden floors or walls in some instagrammable places like coffee shops or your friend’s minimalist house. Perhaps, you had daydreamt applying it in your very own dream bedroom, a long time ago. Nevertheless there are few things that lingering your mind, first come to your budget, second is no other than termites.

Nobody loves termite. Woods will never do, it’s always a one-sided feeling by termite itself. But woods helplessly live under the same roof with those merciless insects, easily gives up. Elesgo won’t be like one, IOOR finally found the bravest resistance of them all. Coated with an acrylic high tech in Germany, it withstands against the tide, not only those bugs.

Kamar pakai Elesgo

It might be not a “say no to termites”, but Elesgo resists longer than other furniture in your house. This finest laminate wood flooring is multi-talented. It befriends small fire such as the candle on your birthday cake, half times noiseless as your high heels tiptoeing the room, and will be the last survivor among other furniture in your house.

Well, it owns resistance, but not an anti-fan. Therefore an anti-termite repellent is still needed. Besides, here are many courses to kill termites; impromptu sunshine, rice water, any kind of bug repellent and the magical black coffee powder.

Doubt you can find a better option than this, aesthetic yet termites-proof.

Instagram: @elesgo_hdm_asia

Website: http://www.elesgohdmasia.com

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A Dream Café of Kyouchii, Interpret Origami Through Layering

Kyouchii is a brand new Japanese-inspired dessert village based in Makassar, one of a big city in Indonesia. It began with a tale about a fox, called Kyouchii, living in Kitsune, a small Japanese village. And to living its dream, Kyouchii went to the city and built a café.

As we can see from the story, Kyouchii is the icon of this café. The whole interior design idea itself is to “Interpret Origami Through Layering”. Departing from Japanese tradition and embracing a modern aesthetic in its design, we were careful not to give minimalist and homey feeling too much, because it is a commercial space.


KYOUCHII_INTERIOR_2We painted a kind of cheerful touch to captivate not only adults, but also kids. It was delivered through pastel colors throughout the café, dominated largely by pink, tosca, blue, yellow and green. In keeping with the logo, almost everything was designed to highlight geometrical shapes. It psychologically gives a resolute and firm sense not only for a woman to visit the café, but a man can also comfortably set his foot on Kyouchii.

As for the tables, we got it from The Toop Table, a sister company of IOOR STUDIO. There are three table designs that were thoughtfully produced. The first features an engraved Kyouchii fox logo in mosaic tiles. The second is a trapezium wood table that contains white pebbles forming the logo, which is surrounded by synthetic grass. The third is a combination of trapezium and parallelogram.



The concept was also interestingly poured into the whole café, including the façade, shapes in the staircase railing, foxy wooden frames and the pastel roofs. It was intentionally created to spark curiosity into the eyes of all the passersby.

Kyouchii is the aftermath of mindful interior design concept that was constructed based on our client’s needs, not leaving behind the thoughtful design, comfort and functional facets.

We hope our design could be accepted along with the fun and cheerful mood that was presented by Kyouchii.

Instagram: @kyouchii

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