• Pick One: Contractor or Handyman

    Choosing between two things is never easy, a little research sometimes is necessary to hatch a good verdict. In building or renovating your space, you need to decide what kind of hands that will help you, except you are a contractor yourself. If you aren’t one, there will be two options for you, betwixt are […]

  • How to Marry Those Pinterest Interior Looks with Your Own Space

    Imagine your room as a book, it owns stories and you are the main author. Page by page, you want to make it wonderful as you only live once. But becoming the solo content creator is not an easy-peasy thing to do. It is miles away from how effortless you mix-match your weekend outfits. If […]

  • Unwind Your Weary Day On An Instaworthy Cushion

    Introducing you to On & On Living, who believes a phrase that says “home is where your heart belongs”. It’s like seeing a smile drew on your parent’s face, leaning your worries to the arm of your lover, there ain’t a word can describe. Proudly made by Indonesians, in the early 2013, they unite graphics, […]

  • Make Your Bedroom More Aesthetic Than Ever, Yet Termites-Proof

    You probably had seen those wooden floors or walls in some instagrammable places like coffee shops or your friend’s minimalist house. Perhaps, you had daydreamt applying it in your very own dream bedroom, a long time ago. Nevertheless there are few things that lingering your mind, first come to your budget, second is no other […]

  • A Dream Café of Kyouchii, Interpret Origami Through Layering

    Kyouchii is a brand new Japanese-inspired dessert village based in Makassar, one of a big city in Indonesia. It began with a tale about a fox, called Kyouchii, living in Kitsune, a small Japanese village. And to living its dream, Kyouchii went to the city and built a café. As we can see from the […]