First Thing First

First Thing First

A wise person is the one who knows how to prioritize. Is it a nod or a no to this notion? If it’s a yes then we’re walking on the same path. In everything we do, we should know what has to be the first on the top of the list and what is on the second schedule.

In designing your restaurant or hotel, what should be the first step to do then? It simply begins with hiring an interior designer, and it will be even better if you hire an interior consultant. If you want to design a commercial space, you need to appoint a consultant that is an expert in that field. Not a contractor or an architect, because the scope of each profession is dissimilar.

Aside from the expertise, the downside is also about transparency. Have you heard a promotion that is called “interior design + build”? Some of you may have experienced it yourselves when you built your place with a contractor. You get a free interior design if you do the construction with them. It sounds very nice, doesn’t it? But have these questions ever passed your mind?

How much is the actual price of both services?

Do I really get the construction fee for free?

For what kind of material that I give my money to?

Some of the contractors are transparent, but if you meet the one that is not, you have to beware. With an interior consultant, there will be a different story. You will get the transparency for they will give you options and further comparison of some contractors. You will have the right to choose what suits your needs the best.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 16.57.58
Ardent Coffee & Kitchen, Pesanggrahan
Panbakers, Makassar

The process must be in order, you have to start with planning and then set the execution into motion. Which means that the top priority is creating the design, from the shop drawing to the 3D drawing. After the design process is done, the next step is doing a tender to contractors.

IOOR Studio is aware of this problem, thus we want to share with you about the first-thing-first in designing your place. We hope this reading prevented you from losses that you don’t need to undergo. You can also watch our vlog about this on our Youtube account, here.

Letter to you later,

IOOR Studio

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